Our Nevada Concealed Carry Class has been developed after years of teaching concealed carry classes at the national level. We have incorporated best practices from other states into a comprehensive, easy to understand class. Experience the Flash Point Precision Training Method™, created and developed by Level 1 Firearms Training. Understand everything you need to know before you use your gun for personal protection.

NRA Trained and Nationally Certified Firearm Instructors

Did you know that most firearm instructors in Nevada have only 24 hours of training? That's because that's the the minimum time required by the state of Nevada. If you consider it takes a minimum of 30 hours for Diver's Ed, this minimum amount of training is short by national comparison. Do you really want to learn from an instructor who has no national training experience? An instructor who has no on-going education requirements?
Fortunately, our firearm instructors undergo over 80 hours of classroom training and safe gun handling at the range. They then study under one of our National Trainers. On-going education is a requirement for the Level 1 Firearm instructor. We require on-going education of current of firearm laws, responsibilities, and knowledge for the state of Nevada. As a result, our instructors are current on local laws and have access to the latest training techniques.

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Nevada Concealed Carry Class
Nevada Concealed Carry Class
Nevada Concealed Carry Class -
Level 1 Firearms Training
Nevada Concealed Carry Class - The Fundamentals

Pistol knowledge and understanding the fundamentals of shooting are the essential building blocks for defensive shooting. Learn the basic fundamentals of pistol shooting, gun safety rules, shooting stances, situational awareness and more. We will show you the importance of dry-fire exercises and how you can conduct those exercises in your own home. We teach how to choose the correct ammunition - and why to use it.

Nevada Law and the Use of Deadly Force
A core understanding of the law is an important part of training. Our instructors cover the core sections of Nevada law related to the use of deadly force. We provide an impressive list of where Nevada laws can be located and referenced. We'll explore the many areas where you, as a concealed carry citizen, can get into trouble, and how to avoid it. By covering the state statutes during the Nevada Concealed Carry Class, students can make smart decisions of how to act when confronted by a threat.
Did you know Nevada concealed carry firearm instructors cannot interpret the law? This is why Level 1 Firearms Training offers additional classes beyond the basic conceal carry class. These classes offer in-depth training about the use of deadly force in Nevada. Courses are taught by local attorney's, police officers, judges, and those who possess a JD degree. Students receive advanced class announcements, special discounts, and advanced seating options.
Class Times and Locations
We offer several classes in the state of Nevada. Our philosophy is to provide students with the greatest amount of freedom when selecting a class. Level 1 Firearms Training offers classes in a professional atmosphere - not in someones living room. Nevada does not require live-fire training to apply for a concealed carry permit. All Level 1 Firearm classes include live-fire training.

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You will learn defensive skills that work against attacks from the front or from behind.https://www.level1firearms.com/education/nevada/cover_and_concealment_in_reno.php
You will practice your learning and skills through Role-Playing Scenarioshttps://www.level1firearms.com/courses/idaho/idaho_nra_first_steps_pistol_orientation.php
Your safety matters and we want to ensure youre better at what you do with your firearm and how to become better and more proficient with your own firearm.
Womens Self-Defensehttps://www.level1firearms.com/education/nevada/responding_to_an_attack_in_reno.php
Applicants must shoot one hundred rounds, of any caliber, from any handgunhttps://www.level1firearms.com/education/nevada/operating_single_double_action_revolvers_reno.php
Securing a location or fighting off an attack. Carson Cityhttps://www.level1firearms.com/education/nevada/common_pistol_information_in_reno.php
Practice drawing and firing from different body positions at targets with varying angles.
Criminal & Civil Liabilityhttps://www.level1firearms.com/m/nv/nevada_rifle_classes.php
Gun safety course and how it best fits your needshttps://www.level1firearms.com/faqs/nevada/choosing_a_firearm.php
Carry and Concealed Weapons License for Reno Nevadahttps://www.level1firearms.com/faqs/nevada/concealed_carry_ccw_license_for_reno.php
It requires that you receive the proper instruction in shoot scenarios, ranging from home invasions, street robberies, and hostage situations.https://www.level1firearms.com/nv/reno/nra_classes.php
We hone your skills with one of our many firearms training classes. https://www.level1firearms.com/education/nevada/reno_ammunition.php
We work hard to ensure that we provide great selection, service, and of course, awesome discounted pricing to serve the local Las Vegas community.
When a critical situation arises they either fail to respond, or they respond in ways that put themselves or others at even higher risk.https://www.level1firearms.com/nv/reno/women_only_ccw_class_reno_nevada.php
Concealed carry safety and decision making under stress Renohttps://www.level1firearms.com/nv/lasvegas/las_vegas_nra_classes.php