Denver, Colorado CHP Classes

Concealed Carry Class Denver Colorado
We teach students in Denver, Colorado to recognize and acknowledge the incredible responsibility they inherit when their County Sheriff or Police Department issues a

Colorado Carry Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) License

.  Our class is the most comprehensive and complete class training for law-abiding citizens seeking a carry concealed handgun permit.
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We believe students want to learn, and not be lectured. The best way to learn is to be engaged. The best way to engage students during class is to get them involved. We have several practical exercises that will prepare students for real-life threatening situations.

Our Legal Instruction covers the laws you should know before you carry concealed in Denver, Colorado. This allows the students to understand how laws are applied to them as law-abiding citizens and the responsibilities they inherent . Students who attend our Denver, Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit class have the opportunity to ask specific questions related to common gun laws. Students seeking in-depth coverage or interpretation of the law are encouraged to seek additional advice from a Colorado attorney.
CCW Class Instruction Denver Colorado
Attending a class on concealed carry principles can be an over-whelming experience especially if the student is new to firearms safety. We interact with our class, encouraging class participation and by answering thought provoking questions. Our

NRA Certified Instructors

will demonstrate and request students to practice safe firearms handling - our “

do as you learn

” philosophy provides our class and students with an engaging experience. It doesn't matter if you are attending a basic class, an enhanced class, or a tactical class, the “

learn by doing

” class approach always applies for every class we teach.
Personal Class Attention Denver Colorado CCW Class

In-depth, Personal Training


Denver, Colorado CCW class

is based on tried and true class training methods. Each class meets or exceeds the State of Colorado class requirements for the

Concealed Weapons license.

This offers our students the greatest flexibility in achieving their

Denver, Colorado CCW permit license

while allowing them to pursue additional


. Students can start with the

Level 1  Basics of Pistol Shooting Class

or pick up with a more advanced class provided they can demonstrate the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude for that class.
Denver Colorado CHP Reciprocity Map
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Private At Home or at Business Class Options

For a personalized class experience, we offer at home Denver, Colorado CHP class instruction as well as at your business. We must have a minimum of 4 students in order to conduct a private class.

Colorado CHP Reciprocity Map

The map shown below are the states that honor our Concealed Carry Handgun Permit.
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