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Gun Training Class in Idaho

We provide a safe, fun, and informative gun training class in Idaho. We are conveniently located in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, which is home to residents who live in


, ID,


, ID,




, ID, and surrounding communities.
We have a

regularly scheduled gun class

throughout the month - see our

class schedule

for class dates and times.

Gun Training Class for Idaho Residents

Our Idaho gun training class starts with learning the

basics of gun safety

. The gun safety class is fundamental to all shooting activities.

Our Gun Class in Idaho

involves a deep understanding of the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to maintain control and safety use a gun. Basic knowledge of Idaho gun safety rules, developing skills, and a "safety-first" attitude is paramount to our

Idaho gun class


All “accidents” are caused by the improper handling of a firearm - this occurs when a person handling a gun does not follow the basic principles taught in a

gun class

. Our gun class covers safe and efficient gun handling practices.
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Idaho CCW Training Class

We offer an

Idaho Concealed Weapons Permit Class

. The

Idaho Concealed Carry Permit Class

is valid in more states than ever before.

Family Fun Firearms Training Class


Idaho Gun Class

can be fun for everyone! We focus on family training so everyone in the class learns how to safely handle a firearm relevant to their age level. We believe a gun training class should begin at an early age graduating from a "No Touch, tell an adult" phase to training for air rifles and pistols, graduating to training for small to larger caliber firearms.
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Idaho Gun Training Class