Colorado Rifle Classes

Learn the fundamentals of firearms safety and rifle shooting offered by Level 1 Firearms Safety and Training LLC

This is an introductory firearm safety and training course-not a marksmanship class! We recommend this class for those who are new to firearms. Extensive training and in-depth safety principles are stressed including the NRA rules for safe gun handling. The class offers instruction in all facets of rifle ownership including safe gun handling, rifle parts and components, operations, ammunition, range safety rules, shooting from the bench rest position, shooting stances, how to sight-in your scope and more.

Colorado Rifle Classes - Basic Rifle/AR-15 Training

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Complete Rifle Training - Colorado

Rifle 1: Basic Rifle/AR-15 Training

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Colorado Rifle Class
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4 Hours Class Instruction
Live-fire range instruction
Covers your specific rifle
Personalized, individual, one-on-one training by nationally recognized rifle instructors
Designed for first-time rifle owners to learn basic firearm safety and operations.
Learn how to "scope" your rifle for greater accuaracy
Learn how to properly clean and maintain your rifle
Great beginner class for those who are new to rifle shooting
Ideal for Youths and Adults 12 and up (parents must be present under age 15)
Designed for the beginning Long Rifle and AR-15 shooter who has not received formal training in the safe, responsible, and proper handling of a semi-automatic or manual rifle.

Rifle I: Basic Rifle/AR-15 Training

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Rifle Rentals Available!
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They will train you thoroughly and you will not leave with unanswered questions
We can develop Emergency plans and provide training for locking down and securing your particular facility and coordinating emergency responders
Women Shooting Classes Denver
Womans Only Home Defense
Few people who own firearms for personal protection have the skills and decision making ability to deal appropriately with a threat under real-life stress situations.
This involves the transfer of firearms, who can possess firearms, and what firearms are prohibited or restricted.
Weapon manipulation Pueblo in Pueblo County.
Enrolling for Colorado concealed carry classes Denver will help to improve your skills.
You will learn and practice your skills with multiple instructors
Situational awareness 360 degrees. Aurora in Arapahoe County.
Colorado NRA Classes
Our Concealed Carry Instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association NRA to teach select NRA classes.
We can develop a Robbery Prevention Plan that is tailored to meet the needs of your particular site, and provide the training to ensure that your employees are able to execute the plan under stress situations.
I recommend Level 1 Firearms Training to anyone and everyone, from beginner to advanced skill levels, who is looking for a competitive edge in real world, honest training.
Colorado concealed carry classes Denver is a perfect choice for any individual looking to get a Colorado concealed carry permit, and the first thing to do is locate the best source
You will learn handgun safety, laws surrounding concealed carry, carry techniques, and other requirements necessary to obtain a concealed weapons permit.
The training I received was on point, well presented and easy to understand.
Malfunction clearance drills Centennial in Arapahoe County.
Applicants must shoot one hundred rounds, of any caliber, from any handgun
Colorado Firearms Classes
Criminal & Civil Liability
Basic firearm mechanics & operation
Live fire training is an important component to using your gun safely when you need it the most.
What can be expected by taking the Denver concealed carry classes Denver
Firing stances and positions
Crime Lab at the Crime Scene
The use of a firearm for self defense and the responsible practice of our Second Amendment Right.
You will receive the best tactical CCW Class in Denver Colorado
You will learn defensive skills that work against attacks from the front or from behind.
The instructors made all of us feel relaxed.
How to shoot from various barricaded positions
Suppressive fire
We hone your skills with one of our many firearms training classes.
If you dont want to be a victim, ever, you will want to take this course.
Colorado NRA Instructors
Designed for security patrol or armed citizen team proficiency.
You will be the one who decides whether or not to use force, to give verbal commands, or to use other options to mitigate the risk.
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Arvada in Jefferson County.
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The basic principles of marksmanship. This will include information on different techniques
Mid and long range accuracy Denver in Denver County.
Childrens Gun Safety Class
Colorado AR-15 Class by Level 1 Firearms Training
Colorado Carry and Concealed Weapons Course
Clearing threats from rooms
Please see Colorado state regulations for more detail on the enhanced license.
Different holsters, techniques of drawing a handgun, shooting quickly, and shooting accurately should be demonstrated and practiced regularly.
Active and passive defense plans
Colorado CCW Classes in Denver