NRA Personal Protection In the Home - At the Home Course

Idaho NRA Personal Protection in the Home - At the Home


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National Rifle Association Basics of Pistol Shooting Course

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Idaho NRA Personal Protection in the Home - At the Home Course

is offered at your home Monday
through Friday from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. This is a two to four day intensive training course conducted in your home based on the

National Rifle Association’s Personal Protection in the Home Course


Because the course is conducted in your home, there is an immediate benefit from course topics as they can be applied
immediately after their discussion. Topics such as creating a safe room, clearing a room, identifying blind spots, establishing an
escape route, discovering opportunities where criminals may hide, and more are immediately investigated in and around your
home, highlighting areas in real-time where you may need to take action.

Class Instruction

The NRA Basics of Personal Protection in the Home course is for law abiding citizens and advanced
shooters who want to learn additional strategies necessary to protect themselves in their home in the event of
a home intrusion, break-in, or robbery. Shooters learn advanced mastery of basic skills, safe gun handling,
shooting a group, zeroing the firearm, proper storage and safekeeping of a firearm, and proper care and

Students learn additional defensive shooting skills which are built on top of previously acquired skills, strategies for home
protection, responding to a violent confrontation,

firearms and the law

, how to choose a handgun for home defense, how to
establish a safe room, how to clear a room where a suspected intruder may be hiding, the differences between cover and
concealment, establishing a defensive mindset, understanding defensive shooting concepts, advanced shooting positions, aiming
and firing techniques, making your home safer, the aftermath of a defensive shooting, and much more.


NRA Basics of Personal Protection in the Home

is unique as it addresses techniques and strategies designed
to deter burglars, home invaders, and other criminals. Included are ways to make your home safer and less appealing to criminals.
This information is valuable for homeowners who choose not to incorporate a personal firearm in their home protection strategy.

For homeowners who include a firearm in their personal home defense and protection strategy will learn additional shooting
positions, aiming and firing techniques, the use of cover and concealment, and methods of clearing various types of malfunctions.

NRA Basics of Personal Protection in the Home

is divided into six parts: Safety, Mental Preparation,
Developing Defensive Shooting Skills, Strategies for Home and Personal Safety, Firearms, Self Defense and the Law, Selecting
Firearms, Ammunition and Accessories for Personal Protection and more.

The NRA Gun Owner’s Responsibility Statement

“Americans enjoy a right that citizens of many other countries do not - the right to own firearms. But with this right comes a
responsibility. It is the gun owners’ responsibility to store, operate, and maintain his or her firearms safely. It is the gun owners’
responsibility to ensure that unauthorized or untrained individuals cannot gain access to his or her firearms. And it is the gun
owners’ responsibility to learn and obey all applicable laws that pertain to the purchase, possession, and use of a firearm in his or
her locale. Guns are neither safe nor unsafe by themselves. When people learn and practice responsible gun ownership, firearms
are safe.”
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