Nevada CCW Classes

Nevada CCW Classes
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Level 1 Firearms Safety and Training teaches

Nevada CCW Classes

to students who wish to meet the requirements for the Nevada CCW License.
We believe students want to learn . The best way to learn, is to be engaged. The best way to be engaged, is to be involved.

Nevada CCW Class

allows you to speak, one-on-one with a licensed Nevada CCW Instructor who specializes in Firearm Laws within the state. We want our students to be able to ask specific questions related to Nevada carry and concealed law. Our instructors are not attorney's and therefore we suggest any questions you have related to an official legal opinion be directed to a

Nevada attorney

for a complete review of the law and how it applies to you. Our instructors may be able to assist you with the right path to pursuit when asking a question related to a Nevada law and how to phrase your question to a licensed

Nevada attorney

Idaho CCW Classes
Idaho Reciprocity Map showing states that accept the Idaho Standard CCW License.
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Nevada CCW Classes

are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere where students can interact directly with their instructors. Our instructors will demonstrate safe firearms strategies. Our '

practice what you have learned

' philosophy keeps students engaged throughout the training experience. It doesn't matter if you are attending a basic course, an advanced course, or a tactical course, the '

learn by doing

' approach always applies for each course we teach.

There is always a question and answer session after each module. This allows students to clarify what they have learned, what they may need to expand upon, and what additional information they may need to seek. Students are encouraged to ask questions, to receive an education, and to increase their skillset during the class.

In-depth Personal Training


Nevada CCW Classes

are based on tried and true training methods. Our instructors are dedicated to taking their time with their students, helping them understand and apply new skills. At Level 1 Firearms Training LLC, you are not just another number! Even after the class, our instructors are available via email or phone to answer and clarify any questions students may have related to the course materials. Our students and instructors report a constant, on-going relationship with one another far after the class has ended.

Nevada CCW Reciprocity Maps

This map shows states which accept the

Nevada Carry and Concealed Weapons License


The Nevada Concealed Carry Weapons CCW Class

To qualify for the Nevada CCW License, students must attend a basic firearms safety class which includes a lecture on Federal and State laws. Many of our NRA approved courses will also meet the requirements for the Nevada Carry and Concealed Weapons license. So if you are attending to learn to become a firearms instructor, these other NRA classes will qualify you during the process.

Nevada Concealed Carry CCW Class:

To qualify for the

Nevada Concealed Carry


, students can attend our convenient


One Day Nevada Concealed Carry Weapons



which is an all-in-one day class that exceeds all the

Nevada CCW


in a single day, or,
students can attend separate classes which occur
regularly every month.

Classes are set up in 3-separate modules:

Nevada Basic Firearms Safety Class
Nevada Law Review
Nevada Range Class

Must be taught in person per Nevada state law
Must have legal instruction (some offered by a licensed Nevada attorney)
Must have range time (Nevada state law).
Exceeds Nevada Concealed Carry Classroom requirements.

Nevada Carry and Concealed Weapons License

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC

offers several levels of training for our students:
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