Arriving for Class

Please arrive on-time! We have many activities planned for the day which may include

guest speakers and lecturers

. No Ammunition is Allowed in the Classroom! There is no reason for live ammunition during class lectures.
When first arriving for any class, we ask that you do not leave your firearm in your vehicle; we don't want to take the chance of it being stolen while it is not under your direct control.

Please empty your firearm of all ammunition, including magazines. Bring the firearm to the class where it will be safety checked and stored in a safe or other security device until it is ready for use in class.


Please leave your ammunition safely secured in the trunk of your vehicle or in an auto safe. If you absolutely have no way to secure your ammunition in the vehicle, please inform the instructor you'll need to have your ammunition stored separately during class.
To schedule your next class or Home Safety Inspection
Students from Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and Caldwell Idaho attending Level 1 Firearms Safety and Training NRA and CCW Class.
Idaho Enhanced Permit Classes
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