Level 1 Firearms Safety and Training believes students learn best when classroom sizes
are small. We do not place dozens of students in a room, conduct lectures, and then rubber
stamp they have passed a firearms safety course.
While we have the capability to expand classes, individual, one-on-one training is
extremely beneficial to the student. Our class ration is typically 1:4 (one instructor for every
four students) which has proven invaluable for the student to reach their maximum potential
while ensuring safety is paramount throughout the class.
Our classes are a combination of several training tools. There are posters, class materials, books, Power Point presentations, an occasional You Tube or two. There are dry fire and interactive exercises - all geared to create the best learning environment and the best chance for our students to excel.

Classes are held at various locations throughout Arapahoe and outlying counties. If class registration is extremely small, we will conduct the class at one of our instructors homes. We find these classes are extremely intimate and provide a level of personalizing the students learning environment
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