Range Training

Range Training begins after class lectures, a question and answer period, tests are conducted, and
everyone has been cleared by the instructor as understanding the basic rules for safe firearms
Level 1 Firearms Safety and Training operates what is known as a “Cold Range”. This means there
is no handling of firearms unless you are practicing a drill or qualifying for shooting skills on the front
line, where the instructor or designated supervisor is observing your actions for safe gun handling.
While behind the firing line, students are allowed to reload their magazines, but their firearm should be holstered at all times. If the student
has brought a revolver, he should be taking this time to load his speed loader for the next round of drills.
Students who do not keep their firearms holstered while away from the firing line can be dismissed by the instructor.
Students who “muzzle” other students, intentional or not, may be dismissed by the instructor.
Students who drop their firearm may be dismissed by the instructor.
Students who fight, wave their firearm in a threatening manner, or who are under the influence of any drug or alcohol, will be
dismissed immediately.
If you have violated safety rules to the point the instructor has asked you to leave, your class time is over, there will be no refunds, and you
may be reported to the Sheriff or local Police depending on the circumstances. The range is a serious environment which could have
deadly consequences if students do not follow their firearms training.
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