Colorado Tactical Firearms Training

If you think about it, any training with a firearm can be considered “Tactical Training”.

From the moment you attend a very basic firearm course, you are being taught how to handle a firearm safely and efficiently. Many
students view tactical firearms training as fancy footwork, hiding behind cover, seeking shelter, acquiring their target-all of which is
"tactical" in nature.

Firearm Basics First!

To achieve advanced tactical firearms training, the student begins with their basic, core firearm instruction courses. As students advance
through their lessons, previously taught techniques are reviewed and then new techniques are added to improve their skills and their
tactical advantage.
Additional courses, such as the

National Rifle Association Basics of Personal Protection in the Home (NRA PPITH)

and the

National Rifle Association Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home (NRA PPOTH)

introduce students to intermediate
firearm tactical procedures

Advanced Firearms Training in Idaho

Level 1 Firearms also offers a "Colorado Defensive Pistol" and the "Colorado Tactical Pistol Training" classes are intended to
move the student through a variety of challenges, introducing new concepts with each class. As students progress, they increase their
tactical skills and are able to handle "tactical" situations such as reloading their firearm with their weak hand, tactical reloads (in general),
shooting from the prone position, racking or preparing their semi-automatic pistol for use when their strong arm is damaged, and so forth.

If you are interested in improving your technique, learning new skills, and defending yourself more efficiently, register for one of our

Colorado Defensive Handgun Classes

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