Colorado Two Day Defensive Pistol Class

Colorado Two-Day Defensive Pistol Class




The Two-Day Defensive Pistol Course is an expanded course of instruction which build on the skills and
techniques learned during the Colorado

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Class


Class Instruction

The Two-Day Defensive Pistol Class "core material" comes from the

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Class

, which
lays the foundation for advanced concepts to be introduced once the basics have been learned. Advanced,
additional training material is introduced into the class curriculum, which our instructors found to be beneficial for all
gun owners. Some of the material comes from the

NRA Personal Protection in the Home

Course while other material
comes from the

NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

and other resources.

Day two of the Two Day Defensive Pistol Course is spent entirely at the range. Students will be taught advanced shooting skills, work
on areas where they need to improve, and will shoot approximately 200+ rounds of ammunition. Students receive the

NRA Basics of

Pistol Shooting

certifications for attending this class.

While at the range, personalized instruction is given to every student. At Level 1 Firearms Safety and Training, students will not
experience the “Military Style” training attitude they receive from other firearm instructors-instead, they will find our instructors are caring,
compassionate individuals, who are interested in their student’s success.
While we don’t endorse the “Military Style” training, there will be times when a student will feel a bit of “pressure” as challenging, new
course instruction is given. Students should keep in mind, and will be reminded often, a firearms safety course is not about
marksmanship! If the student misses the target, the student misses the target-that’s acceptable. The student simply needs to practice
the course of instruction after the class and accept it as a personal challenge, not a personal failure.

Everyone is Encouraged to Attend

Level 1 Firearms Safety and Training is a

family-focused firearms safety training

environment-we are

Idaho’s family-

focused firearms training

facility. If you have young children, teens, or young adults in your home, you should consider everyone
attending this class. For young children, we offer the basics of firearm training: Don’t touch, leave, and find an adult! For young adults
who know everything (you know, they know everything), we teach moral and social responsibility-how to react when a gun is present-how
to “disarm” a gun if necessary-how to call the police when necessary. More importantly-how to leave when a gun is present without
upsetting their peers!
Upon completion of this course, the student will have the necessary skills and techniques required to safely protect themselves in the
event of a violent encounter.
Students may apply for the

Idaho Standard Carry and Concealed Weapons License

. If the student would like to apply for

Idaho Enhanced Carry and Concealed Weapons License

, they would need to attend a Level 1 Firearms Safety and

Legal Instruction Class


Colorado Two-Day Defensive Pistol CLASS

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