Arriving for Class

Please arrive on-time! We have many activities planned for the day which may include guest speakers and lecturers. When first arriving for any class, we ask that you do not leave your firearm in your vehicle; we don't want to take the chance of it being stolen while it is not under your direct control.

Please empty your firearm of all ammunition, including magazines.

Bring firearms and magazines to the class where it will be safety checked and stored in a safe or other security device until it is ready for use in class.

Please leave your ammunition safely secured in the trunk of your vehicle or in an auto safe. If you absolutely have no way to secure your ammunition in the vehicle, please inform the instructor you'll need to have your ammunition stored separately during class.

Students from Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Las Vegas Nevada attending Level 1 Firearms Safety and Training NRA and CCW Class.
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Level 1 Firearms Training
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Enrolling in the Nevada CCW
Drawing from the holster. Reno
For nearly a decade, we've provided our customers with one of the largest selections of firearms in town.
Childrens Gun Safety Class
Dos and donts of moving from room-to-room through a structure
Nevada CCW Plus Oregon CHL 1 Day Class Las Vegas
It requires that you receive the proper instruction in shoot scenarios, ranging from home invasions, street robberies, and hostage situations.
Nevada NRA Class Registration
Womens Self-Defense
Level 1 Firearms Training | Las Vegas Nevada | CCW | NRA Classes
Each instructor uses a uniform curriculum that covers vital Nevada CCW info in addition to the state minimums.
Weapon manipulation Sparks
Class covers concealed carry safety and the dos and donts of Concealed Carry. Henderson
Please see Nevada state regulations for more detail on the license.
For any organization with 25 or more employees Please contact our lead instructor to schedule training in house or at our locations.
Nevada concealed Carry Classes
When a critical situation arises they either fail to respond, or they respond in ways that put themselves or others at even higher risk.
Prosecutors at the Crime Scene
Our Multi-Stage Self-Defense training will give you the knowledge, training, and experience you need to protect yourself and the people you love in a variety of common settings where you may encounter potential threats.
We can develop a Robbery Prevention Plan that is tailored to meet the needs of your particular site, and provide the training to ensure that your employees are able to execute the plan under stress situations.
You will learn handgun safety, laws surrounding concealed carry, carry techniques, and other requirements necessary to obtain a concealed weapons permit.
Reno Rifle Class - Level 1 Firearms Training
Concealed weapons classes are offered at most of the larger gun shops and through law enforcement agencies.
The basic principles of marksmanship. This will include information on different techniques
Verbal de-escalation
Do you have a scope that you can't seem to sight in? Need a new trigger installed? Got a casing jammed?
Interaction with assailants
CCW Class Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Las Vegas for residents who desire professional instruction with a firearms training program that goes beyond many of the minimum requirements.
Indoor Shooting: Includes .22 pistol use, ammo, life-size target and eye/ear protection
Nevada CCW Classes in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Las Vegas.
Basic Rifle safety, Rifle handling Sparks
Mid and long range accuracy Reno
The instructors made all of us feel relaxed.
The instructors were true pros, the class was fun, safe and very well presented.
Mitigating the potential vulnerabilities of your home
Womens Self Defense how to survive an attack & defensive tools that work. Carson City
No matter if you're a new gun owner or an avid enthusiast, our professional staff will help you find the perfect gun for you.
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Reno Nevada Shooting Events