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Our training meets and oftentimes exceeds state standards and requirements..
Our classes include vital information for the safe usage and storage of a firearm.
Our standard CCW class covers all the requirements you need for Arizona, Florida, Oregon, Wyoming, and Virginia.
We have many students who come from Oregon to get dual-certified; the process is extremely easy. Once they complete our class they return home and apply for their Oregon concealed handgun license. When they receive their license, they can immediately apply for a non-resident Nevada or Idaho Concealed Carry Weapons permit which extends their coverage throughout most of the U.S.
The Idaho Concealed Weapons License requires students to attend the class in person, in Idaho, receive legal instruction from an attorney, and fire 100 rounds of ammunition in the presence of an instructor. A non-resident Idaho Enhanced CCW allows for Washington State Concealed Carry as well as 5 additional states over the Nevada CCW Permit.
The Nevada Concealed Carry Weapons License requires students to attend the class in person, in Nevada. The class is 8 hours long and live range-fire of 25 or more rounds is required.
Advanced firearms instruction is included, training the student in developing the proper defensive mindset, awareness, concepts of cover and concealment, and how to avoid confrontations.
You may use this site to register for any of the CCW classes, NRA classes, or advanced shooting classes we offer by choosing the appropriate tab at the top of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions -
Nevada Firearms Training
Nevada Concealed Carry Weapons License

Frequently Asked Questions -
Nevada Gun Safety and Educational

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Level 1 Firearms Training
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Las Vegas Women Only Pistol and Rifle Classes
Please see Nevada state regulations for more detail on the license.
Mid and long range accuracy Reno
Choosing a Firearm
Keeping a gun for safety in the home, or carrying a concealed weapon can be a huge liability unless you are trained in the decision making processes that help ensure that you will use your weapon properly under high stress situations.
We help you take your first shots during one of our gun safety classes.
Women Only Pistol Classes - Reno Cabela's
Womens Self Defense how to survive an attack & defensive tools that work. Carson City
Strategies and tactics in dealing with an assailant.
The correct response to a threat against one or multiple attackers. Henderson
Weapon manipulation Sparks
Reno Nevada Shooting Events
Interaction with assailants
Security Tactics
In this 4-hour course you will receive instruction on the rules and regulations of carrying a concealed weapon in Nevada and those states that accept the Nevada CCW permit.
Case law surrounding use of force.
Our Multi-Stage Self-Defense training will give you the knowledge, training, and experience you need to protect yourself and the people you love in a variety of common settings where you may encounter potential threats.
The license enables you to carry a concealed weapon in 40 states, whereas the basic license only allows you to carry in 27 states.
CCW Class Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Las Vegas.
Basics of Rifle Use Sparks
Engaging targets at various distances Henderson
Strong and support side shooting Las Vegas
CCW Clothing and Equiptment
Nevada Conceal Weapon Permit Training Firearms Training
How to shoot from various barricaded positions Reno
When you complete this course you will gain new knowledge and practical experience that will make you and your family safer at home.
This course enables you to receive the enhanced concealed weapons license in the State of Nevada.
Basic Rifle safety, Rifle handling Sparks
Reno Nevada Concealed Carry Permit Class
Las Vegas NRA Class | Las Vegas NRA Courses
This course will make extensive use of tactical advantage and will take place in your home.
When a critical situation arises they either fail to respond, or they respond in ways that put themselves or others at even higher risk.
We hone your skills with one of our many firearms training classes.
Nevada firearms classes provide an ideal learning environment
Engaging targets from various shooting positions Henderson
Nevada NRA Certified Pistol Instructor Class
For nearly a decade, we've provided our customers with one of the largest selections of firearms in town.
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Now teaching Nevada Concealed Carry Classes in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Las Vegas.