Why Carry a Handgun?

Many good people have given their lives to protect our fundamental right to defend ourselves.
We honor those fallen hero’s by exercising the very right they fought to protect.
There are bad people in the world…we call them criminals.
Our prisons are full of criminals.
The police cannot be everywhere at all times.
Statistically, police arrive after a crime has occurred, not before.
The President of the United States of America is protected by bodyguards who have guns.
The life of my family, friends, and self is no less important to protect.

I carry a handgun as part of my total personal protection plan for self-defense. What else is included?

Self-defense lessons.
A knife.
Pepper Spray.
Stun Gun.

When do I carry a handgun? The answer is simple: Always

A criminal is not going to make an appointment with me when he plans to attack.
He is going to attack when I’m at my most vulnerable moment.
The attack is going to occur when the criminal has the best advantage.
If there’s not a law which prevents me from carrying, I always carry; think of it as being “always prepared”.

Gun Free Zones are Ridiculous!

With very few exceptions, there’s no such thing as a “

Gun Free Zone

”. Absent a court house, the airport, or some other location with armed guards and
metal detectors, you can bet there will be someone with a concealed weapon. Even if that is not the case, you can count on the criminal to take advantage
of places where guns are prohibited. Less guns, more people, better hunting grounds, and the complete advantage over innocent bystanders.

No Weapons Allowed

” signs are a joke to the criminal, an insult to the licensed, law-abiding carry concealed citizen, and an invitation to all criminals
they are welcomed with open arms and there are plenty of unarmed citizens available for target practice. Fortunately, some of us live in a state where
these signs have no legal weight-in other words, these signs do not create an area protected by law. This means when I see one of these signs at a
theatre, I think of the Aurora, Colorado shooting incident, and continue to carry my gun. When I see one of these signs entering the local mall, I think of the
shooting that occurred in an Oregon mall, and continue to carry my gun. When I see a local business that displays one of these signs, I think of the evening
news, and continue to carry my gun. The worst case scenario-someone can ask me to leave, which I must do or else I can get charged with trespassing (a
fine). I do want to make it clear,

it’s not illegal

for me to carry in these establishments-if these signs did, in fact, hold legal weight-if there was a law I
could get charged with other than trespassing (in which I must be asked to leave first)-I would simply ignore shopping at these establishments. I can shop
on line, wait to see a movie on video, or buy my food from somewhere else. But until I see an armed guard at the door or metal detectors, you can bet I’ll
remain armed.

Common Sense is your Best Defense

The single, most important tool in my arsenal for self-defense is my common sense! If I don’t have to fight, I won’t. If I can avoid going downtown late at
night, I will. If I have to travel long distances, I stay on the main roads. If I have to go to an unfamiliar city, I arrive early during the day and sum up the area
I’ll be staying. Most importantly, I ALWAYS check local and state laws and I ALWAYS contact the local police to confirm my findings before traveling.

Past Experience...

I’ve lived in California for about half of my life-and worse, I lived in Los Angeles County, where Angles are very hard to find. My first inclination to carry a
handgun occurred on a date with a very attractive woman-we decided it would be nice to go to Santa Monica Pier, have dinner at Moby Dicks, and head
back to my place for a nightcap. I didn’t plan for what would happen next-an armed person approaching us from seemingly nowhere, holding a .38 snub
nosed pistol directly at me, demanding my wallet, her purse, and the car keys. The person was unusually calm-he had definitely done this before! I
immediately raised my hands, lowered my head, and responded “I have no idea what you look like, let’s keep it that way”. I then handed over the articles
he requested and watched him drive away in what was a stroke of luck-a rental car (mine was in the shop). Needless to say, the date was definitely ruined;
fortunately, no one was hurt. We were very fortunate; if God wasn’t there that evening, I have no idea what would have happened.

Higher Level of Care Duty

When you carry a gun, you actually lose more rights than you gain. You cannot start a fight, you cannot participate in escalating an argument, and you
must find ways to deescalate, avoid, or remove yourself from confrontations entirely - why? Because you now have what our courts call a “


Standard of Care

”.  That’s right-you, the legally armed citizen are held to a higher standard. Even your social life has to be adjusted. You can no longer
“have a few with the boys” or “enjoy a glass of wine” with your girlfriends. You can, but not when you’re carrying. And, if you want to keep that license,
you had never get arrested for a drug or alcohol offense-chances are high you’ll never get another permit to carry again.

Carry Concealed

Discretion is important. To carry concealed means to be concealed. There are many anti-gun activists who will go out of their way to cause a scene, lie
even, to violate your right to carry a weapon. If your weapon should print (make an impression through your clothes), suddenly you’re a person with a gun,
potentially an armed criminal, ready to do bad things. The citizen may come up to you and challenge your right to carry, making a very load and obvious
spectacle of themselves knowing you have an obligation to leave the scene, to deescalate the situation. While we need to respect their opinion, I’m very
confident it would change if I had to use my gun to protect them from a criminal.

Carry Concealed Permits are on the Rise!

There are continued arguments about the increase in concealed carry permits. There’s a reason permits are on the rise-responsible, law-abiding citizens
know the

police cannot be everywhere

. The increase in permits can be linked to the increase in crime; something anti-gun advocates are glad to
announce on TV, the Internet, and at town-hall meetings. What they fail to mention is that while crime is on the rise, it’s not being committed by those
legally-armed citizens-a statistic the anti-gun lobbyists don’t want you to know. There’s no way to determine how many

crimes are prevented by

legally armed citizens

-because unless the police make an arrest, all you have is a report, and reports are not statistically tracked as closely as
convictions; not to mention attempted crimes that never get reported.

Many of us are fortunate to live in low-crime communities. In fact, if you live in a high-crime community, the chances of you getting a concealed weapons
permit is next to impossible (California, Chicago, DC, Maryland, and New Jersey to name a few). It’s impossible to fathom what officials in these cities are
thinking-do they really have such little faith in society and humanity that they believe allowing citizens to arm themselves would increase crime? The same
goes for smaller communities where you hear: “I never thought this could happen here”. The facts are undisputed-crime occurs everywhere, where the
responsible concealed carry person must be armed at all times, regardless of where they live (unless it’s illegal of course).

Restricted Carry Locations

Federal law prohibits the carrying of a firearm on school premises. Since this is a law, I won’t carry on school premises, but I sure am nervous and
concerned for myself, my children, and other parents that may become the next “Sandy Hook” or “Columbine” shooting victims.  There are those who
advocate armed guards should be present on school grounds and some school districts have armed police officers present. Ok, if you’re going to disarm
law-abiding citizens, having armed guards or police officers present is the least you can do to deter crime. But I don’t believe the argument ends there-if
the mall or the movie theater disarms citizens, they should provide some sort of armed security on premise.
There’s a movement for arming selected teachers, which, as usual, is met with resistance from anti-gun activists. I don’t know what’s worse-those who are
against concealed carry or those who are against protecting our children-to me, they’re one in the same. Sticking your head in the ground and pretending a
criminal is not going to take a firearm on school grounds because it’s “against the law” has already been proven to fail.

No Evidence a CCW Holder has went on a Shooting Spree

It’s important for to note I have attempted to research how many mass shootings have been started by legally armed citizens-I cannot seem to find a
notation anywhere. If you know of a mass shooting event where a legally licensed citizen was the perpetrator, please email me with the reference. You
would think there has to be one, but I sure the heck can’t find one.

Guns at Home

One person I met asked if statistics prove having a gun in the home increases the risk of killing a member in that household over 40%. Why would I
advocate owning a handgun based on these “alarming” statistics? Like many of the anti-gun arguments, the statistics quoted from the report are
somewhat skewed by design. The deaths they are referring to include suicides-many of which are associated with people who are mentally unbalanced or
who are terminally ill and who want to leave this world on their own terms. This is followed by extremely depressed or intoxicated persons. If you eliminate
these groups from the study, you’ll find the amount on in-home deaths due to a firearm being present is extremely low. If a licensed citizen has attended a
firearms training class, is responsible, and locks their weapons away from unauthorized users when not being carried or used, these results are lowered
significantly.  It would be interesting if these anti-gun activists commissioned a study on how many handguns which are properly stored in a safe, actually
prevent or lower these statistics.

Backup Guns

During a firearms safety class, we often talk about having more than one handgun at all times, which always raises a few eyebrows. In evidently, a student
will ask: “Why would you ever need more than a single gun?” The answer is a matter of practicality than anything else. If you carry a single firearm on your
person and a criminal somehow disarms you, the fight is pretty much over and you will lose. Having a second firearm allows you the chance to rearm
yourself and places you back on equal footing-at least the balance of power has been somewhat restored. Another example might be your primary gun
fails, jams, or runs out of ammunition. Having a backup gun would at the very least, keep you in the fight. Or, what if you and a fellow citizen are under
attack during a senseless firing spree? If you know that other person can handle a gun, you can double up against the assailant.

Firearms Training

Anti-gun activists think people who conceal carry are more prone to starting fights or shooting someone; nothing can be further from the truth! Remember,

concealed carry citizens are held to a higher standard, have been completely investigated by the police, and issued a license (in most

cases) after considerable firearms training has taken place

. Furthermore, there is nothing available today which will deter a violent attack more
than the presence of a gun. If the attacker is larger and more physically capable of hurting you, a gun will certainly make them reconsider their attack. If
the person has a knife, their position of power has been taken away. If they have a gun, they’re 10 times likely to retreat and flee if they see their victim
also has a gun. In short, we don’t carry guns with the intent to use them, but rather to deter or at least equalize the threat made against us.

Is Self-Defense Acceptable?

Even in the anti-gun activists “Gun-Free” world, if you were to ask them if you have the right to defend yourself, they will state they believe you do-fair
enough. So what do we resort too? Knives? Clubs? Pepper Spray? What if the criminal is determined to hurt or kill you? If you ultimately must cause a lethal
blow to stop the attacker from killing you-how is that different from using a gun? Dead is dead-there’s no coming back. At least with a gun, you have the
option to present a very powerful deterrent to your attacker from several feet away and outside of immediate harm’s way. I would argue the assailant
would be more likely to flee than continue the attack.

Closing Summary

I’ve spent some time explaining why people choose to carry. In some instances, it’s a matter of equaling the playing field, especially for those who are
getting older and cannot defend themselves against stronger threats. For others, it’s a matter of realizing the police arrive after a crime is committed, and
when facing a life-threatening situation, they choose to take their option to carry in the event they need to protect themselves. For others, crime doesn’t
take a day off-even under the safest of environments, some psycho may choose to start shooting at innocent citizens for no apparent reason.
There are certain take-a-ways I would like to reinforce:
Take a firearms class, take two-make that three! You will always learn something.
If you choose to carry, always carry.
If you choose to carry, carry legally!
Know the laws of your state. Don’t assume because it’s legal to carry in one state that it’s legal in another. For example, New Mexico allows you to
carry in a grocery store, provided they don’t sell alcohol at that store. You can easily see how this could become a problem if you can carry in your
own state at a store that sells alcohol.
Include other methods for self-defense. On many occasions, force must be met with equal force. Using a gun during a fist fight against an assailant
of equal strength and agility is not warranted; using pepper spray or a stun gun to get away is far more justified and certainly less lethal.
Never consume drugs or alcohol when carrying.
Respect the rights of others. If someone disagrees with your right to carry, try to leave the conversation before it becomes a heated debate.
Hope that others will respect your choice to carry. If the conversation starts to become tense, do as you would under similar situations-walk away.
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