No Guns Allowed


Consumers Need to Protect Themselves

Criminals beware! Citizens are unarmed and waiting for you! Please come in and rob our customers. They

are unarmed, meak, and ready for your attack!

If you are a licensed Carry and Concealed License (CCL) holder, a Carry and Concealed Weapons License holder (CCWL), a Carry and
Concealed Weapons (CCW) holder, or any variation of such; you have chosen to incorporate a deadly weapon as part of your self-defense
In addition to this decision, you have chosen to become legally licensed to carry your weapon anywhere you travel. You have made a conscious
decision to not become a victim of rape, robbery, or some nut that goes on a shooting spree. You have done everything right to ensure the safety of
yourself, your loved ones, and those around you.
And then you see it...the infamous "No Guns Allowed" sign.

All you wanted to do was enjoy the latest movie or shop at the mall for a new pair of shoes. You don't want to cause any trouble, you don't want to
get into a debate over concealed carry, and you certainly don't want to disarm yourself. You assess the situation. You look for armed security
guards who will protect you. You look for metal detectors to prevent others from entering the building. You have to agree to a search before you can
enter. You begin to ask:
Is it worth the hassle to shop at this store?
Should I just reside myself to being a helpless victim?
Who is going to protect me? I don't see any armed guards.
Wait, I see a uniformed security guard armed with a whistle; I feel so much safer.
Should I just enter without saying anything?
Must I really be searched before I enter to watch that movie?

The Right To Self-Defense

Private business owners feel they can impose their

personal preferences

over your

U.S. Constitutional right to self-defense

. They do this by posting a sign which reads: "

No Guns Allowed

" or "

No Weapons Allowed

" at the entrance to their business. When you see these signs, have you ever asked:
Do these establishments really believe their sign will stop criminals from entering?
Is their goal to disarm the law-abiding citizens?
Is it their goal to punish law-abiding citizens who have chosen not to become victims of violent crimes?
Why are they disarming me?
What have I done wrong?
I've complied with the law.
Do they believe stepping through their doors will place me into a crazy psychotic bent on causing death and mayhem?
Properly vetted law-abiding citizens with a CCW permit have been

properly trained

to keep their weapon

safe and secure

. CCW owners have also been investigated by:

The Federal Government


Their State Police

Local Law Enforcement

Do you have to give up your right to self-defense? No. That's what they will tell you. After all, they want your money! They just don't want you to be able to protect yourself when a criminal with a knife or gun decides to use it against you. They want you to believe you are safe, protected, and secure when visiting their establishment. Should you refuse to disarm yourself, they will say "That's your right and it's within their rights to refuse your business". If you choose to disarm and to enter, you have done so freely and have no recourse should you need to protect yourself against an armed criminal. The business is not legally responsible because you, not them, made the choice to disarm. Ironically, there are no laws which guarantee your safety when entering private property.

Criminals Don't Care if their Weapons are Banned

The "average" U.S. law-abiding citizen wants to "comply" with the rules, regulations, and laws of their state.
Criminals don't care. Posting a sign like this is an open invitation to criminals to enter--it could even be argued business owners are encouraging criminals to enter. Why? Because they are promising this is a safe place for the criminal. The criminal knows no one is carrying a gun; no one is able to fight back.

Are "No Guns Allowed" Signs Enforceable?

That depends on where you live. If your state legislators have enacted a law that states displaying a "No Guns Allowed" sign creates a lawfully protected area in which guns are not allowed, then you have a problem. If there is an actual, readable, written law that creates these "protected" areas, you cannot enter while carrying. If you do, you are breaking the law and are subject to a fine, imprisonment, or both--not to mention loosing your right to self-defense. Correction. You will keep your right to self-defense, you just can't choose your method.

In other areas of our country, state legislators are pretty smart people when if comes to these types of laws. They know criminals will ignore these "protected" areas, they know this will disarm legally armed citizens, and they know it's better to keep the criminal
in the dark when it comes to knowing if those around them have a gun. In these states, business owners can post a sign; but there are no consequences if you choose to ignore it. In this instance, you can enter while carrying; you are not breaking any laws because there's no law to break. Should the business owner ask you to leave, you must do so immediately. Not because you have legally carried a concealed weapon into their establishment, but because you are trespassing; an ironic twist.

Business Owners Can "Take a Bite" out of  Crime!
If business owners are truly concerned about the welfare of their customers, they can do much more than "talk" about it--they can act. They can allow legally armed citizens to shop at their establishment. If a criminal does enter, he enters knowing he will likely encounter another armed person--the odds against him have risen exponentially in relation with the amount of customers present.

Anti-Theft Deterrents and Metal Detectors

We're all familiar with the "Anti-Theft" detectors at the entrance of nearly every store we enter. These devices cost 'roughly' $2,000.00 each doorway--that's before the cost of the tags needed to protect merchandise is factored into the equation. Business owners proudly exclaim these are for the consumers protection. By preventing shoplifting, they save consumers from the high cost of merchandise.

If the "Anti-Theft" detector provides consumers with cost-saving protection against shoplifters, then why not have a "Metal" detector at the door to provide consumers with life-saving protection against a criminal? Business owners could then beat their chests and exclaim they are protecting their shoppers from criminals with guns!

There's a few reasons "Metal" detectors are not at the entrance to a business.

They cost money. Unlike an "Anti-Theft" detector, metal detectors don't pay for themselves in terms of return-on-investment. If a business owner catches a shoplifter, he's saved himself from losing money. His "Anti-Theft" detector has just put money back into his pocket. This allows businesses to claim they are protecting the public from the high cost associated with shoplifting.

Metal detectors would go off often, too often--which would cause the business owner to have to check too many customers for concealed weapons. Most of the time, he would find something! A knife, a canister of pepper spray, a stun gun, and the occasional pistol. He's then faced with a decision--does he deny the customer with a knife from entering his store? Does he deny the person with a pistol from entering his store? Both are considered concealed weapons. If he discriminates, is this grounds for a lawsuit?

Eventually, customers would stop shopping at their establishment. Think about this for a moment--would you want to submit to a search every time you wanted to purchase a bag of potato chips or watch a movie at the theater?

Nope! Much easier to post a sign. Far less expensive too!

If posting a "No Guns Allowed" sign will stop criminals from entering, why not post a "No Shoplifting" sign and get rid of those expensive "Anti-Theft" devices?

If a $5.00 "No Guns Allowed" sign does the trick, certainly a $5.00 "No Shoplifting" sign should suffice as well.

If we this were a math equation; it would never balance!

Ask yourself...why would a business post a sign that translates into saying:

Criminals are Welcome
Law-abiding citizens enter at your own risk
Legally armed customers are not allowed!
Consumers feel "warm and fuzzy" when they see a "No Guns Allowed" sign posted at the entrance to their favorite shopping establishment. This simply
proves the average consumer is as gullible today as they were 100 years ago. Sadly, this means the average consumer, who represents the average U.S.
citizen, will believe anything they are told. The sign say's "No Guns Allowed", that must mean the criminals will stay away--they certainly wouldn't want
to break the law.

Consumers need a "reality check". The "No Guns Allowed" sign is aimed directly at the law-abiding citizens who are legally licensed, completely
harmless, trustworthy, and responsible citizens.
If a criminal starts shooting, doesn't it make sense a legally armed citizen would be able to defend themselves during a massacre? At the very least,
protect themselves and those close to them if they are targeted? What does an unarmed person feel like when they are under attack? You can bet they will
be very thankful someone else has a gun too.
But wait! We have the police!

Police arrive AFTER a crime has taken place, not before, and seldom during. Police need to be called, dispatched, arrive at the scene, take a position, access the situation, and take action. All of this takes time. Time that can make the difference between your children getting shot or getting yourself killed protecting your children.

This is not a poor or meant to be a negative comment about law enforcement; it's simply a statement-of-fact! The men and women of law enforcement are incredibly brave people, dedicated to preventing crime and protecting innocent people from criminals. Police officers place their lives on the line daily to protect us. The reality is: Police cannot be everywhere; and they know it! Police have no special radar devices to detect when a crime is about to be committed and they have no one from the future telling them where to be to before a crime is committed.

What Does a "No Guns Allowed" Sign Really Mean?

I'm not an attorney. I don't pretend to know the law. I am not issuing a legal opinion. If you want a legal opinion--consult an attorney.

To that end, doesn't it make sense when a business owner takes it upon himself to create a "Gun Free Zone", he's essentially promising you, me, and everyone that enters his business is free of crime? I believe the business is saying:

"You are now under my protection. I guarantee no one with a gun will be allowed in my establishment--I have posted a sign to enforce this guarantee. If they do enter, I will protect you from harm. You, the law-abiding, legally licensed CCW citizen, have no reason to continue to be armed, to protect yourself, because my No Guns Allowed sign is protecting you".

Now, don't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Let us consider where anyone, with a reasonable amount of intelligence, can believe this statement is true...
A Police Station
A Correctional Institution
A Courthouse
The Airport (after security screening)
A Federal Building
The White House
Now, let's consider where anyone, with a reasonable amount of intelligence, can beleive this statement is untrue:
At a School
A Shopping Mall
A Theater
The Post Office
A "No Guns Allowed" sign is posted
Any location where the police are not present; which is pretty much everywhere.

"You are Trespassing"

No Trespassing Signs are Never Displayed

at the entrance to a store.

Private citizens, business owners, and Corporations have the right to refuse travel onto private property. Travel on private property is a privilege, not a

A legally licensed carry and concealed weapons holder can ignore "No Guns Allowed" signs WHEN there are no state statutes which punishes them
for doing so. CCW holders are not breaking the law; they are simply refusing to give up their right to self-defense.

On the other hand, CCW holders MUST honor the owners request to leave the property when verbally instructed. When being asked to leave, even
in states where "No Guns Allowed" signs have no legal weight; the CCW citizen must leave to avoid being arrested and prosecuted under the state
"Trespassing" laws.

What Can You Do?

Vote for God's sake VOTE to keep your rights! There are thousands of U.S. citizens who have given their lives for your right to self-defense. Honor your fellow Americans and VOTE!
Obtain a permit to legally carry a concealed weapon. Having a permit does not mean you will carry concealed, it simply adds another number for the state to report the number of registered carry and concealed weapons licenses issued. Politicians pay attention to these numbers! The more CCW licenses issued, the more they will protect your right for self-defense.
Attend and speak out when a law against self protection, especially against concealed weapons, is being debated
Write your local representatives and tell them how you feel!
Find a local gun advocacy club or organization and get involved!
Join the NRA Chapter in your state. The NRA provides lobbyists in every state whose entire job is to protect your right to choose to defend yourself.
Refuse to be a victim! If your favorite shopping mall or theater has a "No Guns Allowed" sign posted at their door, write them a letter and tell them you refuse to place yourself at risk absent an armed security guard being present.
Take classes! Learn firearms safety. Remember, it's up to you to educate the public you are not a criminal!
Check back often for more tips!

Closing Thoughts...

I've taken a lot of time writing this article. At first, I was attacking those who believe citizens should not have the right to include a concealed weapon for personal protection. I've revised the post several times to include, honor, and respect those who believe an unarmed citizen is a safe citizen. I must admit, I believe that thought process is counter-intuitive. I cannot justify this position; I just can't. If a criminal enters a building with a knife or a gun, I cannot understand how a business owner, armed with nothing more than a "policy" can state, with a clear conscious, disarming lawfully armed citizens is a good policy.
To that end, I really want to hear from others how disarming a lawfully licensed CCW citizen makes a location secure. I REALLY want to be convinced a $5.00 sign will protect consumers from violent criminals.
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