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Concealed Carry Class

Have you decided to purchase a handgun for personal protection? Do you know the laws related to the use of deadly force in your state? Are you aware of others around you? How to properly identify a potential threat and how to avoid a confrontion?

Level 1 Firearms Training provides the answer to these and many additional questions. Our Concealed Carry Instructors are certified by the National Rifel Association and approved by you local Sheriff to teach you how to react in many real life situations. You will learn the many aspects of concealed carry while in public.

Women Only Classes

Women Only!

All classes are taught by a female instructor!

Ladies - Enjoy the company of other women while learning how to safely use a firearm. Our "women-only" classes are taught by a FEMALE Certified Firearms Instructor who understands the special needs of women who are new to firearms or have limited experience. Great classes to take with friends. Leave the guys and kids at home and enjoy a special "Girls Day Out"!

Women's Classes Available:
Pistol, Rifle, AR-15, Shotgun, and Concealed Carry.

AR-15 Rifle Class
Exclusively for AR-15 Owners

Level 1 Firearms Training offers AR-15 rifle classes to everyone regardless of their skill level. Whether you are new to the AR-15 platform or want advanced urban and tactical training, we have a course that is sure to increase your skill level and shooting capabilities.

Beginner classes introduce you to the basics of the AR-15 platform, how to use it safely, and the trmendous amout of responsibility you inherit when owning a firearm.

Our intermediate & advanced classes build on what you learned in the beginner class, introducing additional techniques to improve your self-defense and marksmanship skills.

Defensive Pistol Training

Our Defensive Pistol Class teaches advanced students techniques they may never find with other firearm training companies. This class is for serious students who want to increase their skillset, such as; shooting while moving, while kneeling, in a prone position, from behind cover, and more.

NRA Instructor Training
Become a NRA Certified Instructor

Start your own business

by becoming a Certified NRA instructor. In many states, NRA certification is required in order to teach concealed carry classes, which allows you to expand on your qualifications as an instructor.

Level 1 Firearms Training is authorized to train those who have the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to be certified as firearm instrucotors. Disiplines include: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Range Safety Officers, Personal Protection courses, Home Safety Course and more.

Looking for more information? Our education section is focused on providing specific information realated to firearms, safety, responsibility, and general topics such as ammunition, shooting skills, improving your aim, and more

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