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Our 100% Guarantee Policy
We are so confident in our training program that should you not pass any class for any reason, you may repeat the course at no additional fee!

Montana Instructor Series Courses

Can You Survive Hell Week?
The Level 1 Hell Week Instructor Series was designed as an accelerated way for students to earn their main NRA instructor certifications in one convenient week; saving time & money.  This gets new instructors teaching multiple disciplines faster.  Take one class to fill in your existing NRA credentials or chose a block of courses that open up additional income oportunities.  All instructor courses are taught by an official NRA Training Counselor. Certifications are national recognized.
Montana NRA Classes

Pistol, Rifle, and Personal Defense
Level 1 offers Certified National Rifle Association (NRA) Training.  Students learn safe and responsible firearm handling and shooting; pistol, rifle, shotgun, personal protection, range safety. A nationally recognized NRA Certificate of Achievement is earned upon course completion.
Montana Concealed Carry Permit Class

Carry Responsibly Montana!
Level 1 Firearms Training offers the Best training for attaining your Montana Concealed Carry Permit..

Montana requires certified training before allowing a resident to apply for a concealed carry permit.  Learn when and how to use your concealed carry firearm when momments count. Learn the in's and out's of the legal use of deadly force.
Montana Women Only Classes

It's OK To Shoot Like A Girl!
Ladies! - Enjoy the company of other women while learning how to safely handle and shoot a firearm. Special "Women Only" Classes are available for Beginner Pistol, Beginner Rifle/AR-15, and Concealed Carry.  Courses are taught by a Female Certified Instructor in a casual, small group environment that fosters learning.  Leave the guys & kids at home and enjoy a special Girls Day Out!
Montana Pistol Classes

Take It To The Next Level!
Our Montana Pistol Training Classes consist of hands-on, in-person training that teaches the beginner to advanced student how to safely handle, store, maintain, and shoot their firearm. These classes are focused entirely on the student AND their personal firearm so they can become a more confident and responsible gun owner.
Montana AR-15 Rifle Classes

Get On Target!
Classes available for every skill level. Whether you are new rifles or  want advanced defensive AR-15 platform training, we have a rifle course that is sure to increase your skill level and shooting accuracy.
Montana Education Department

Arm Yourself With Knowledge!
Our FREE Education Section is focused on providing specific information related to firearms, safety, responsibility, and general topics such as ammunition, shooting skills, improving your aim, gun laws, and more.!
Level 1 Firearms Training, LLC official Blog Site specializes on topics of interest to the firearms community including the Montana Concealed Carry Permit Class and State Gun Laws.  While we will obviously focus on local topics, national topics will be covered as well.  Great recourse for instructors.

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