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New Mexico
Basic Pistol Class

New Mexico Basic Pistol Class

This is an introductory firearm safety and training course-not a marksmanship class. Extensive training and in-depth safety principles are stressed including the rules for safe gun handling.

The class offers instruction in all facets of firearm ownership including safe gun handling, basic pistol parts and components, operations, ammunition, range safety rules, shooting from the bench rest position, shooting stances, such as the Isosceles and Weaver positions. Graduates from this class meet state requirements for an Idaho standard carry and concealed weapons license.

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Pistol II: Shooting with Confidence!
New Mexico Pistol II Shooting With Confidence


Note: Due to quality control, we can only accept the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course if taught by Level 1 Firearms Training LLC
This class is focused on taking the student to the next level of basic bullsye shooting skills. You learned the "basics" from previous classes, now you'll learn how to apply those skills to become a better shooter! The class is primarily divided into three (3) parts:
Part 1: Establishing a Baseline
Students begin their day at the range with practical testing to establish a baseline of their current shooting skills. Once a baseline has been established, students return to the classroom for practical assessment and improvement of skills.

Part 2: In the classroom:

• The importance of firearm safety, practices, and awareness.
• Understanding, studying, and practicing Grip Control.
• Understanding, studying, and practicing Sight Picture and Sight Alignment.
• Sighting your firearm for Accuracy and Confidence.
• Choosing a Stance: Choose the correct shooting stance to increase your marksmanship skills.
• Breathing and Taking a Shot: Practicing the fundamentals of taking your shot.
• Trigger Control: Understanding and practicing the importance of Trigger Control before you shoot!
• Follow-though: Understanding the principles of follow-through and how it applies to shooting.

Part II: At the Range:
• Skills learned during the classroom session are applied during practical exercises.
• Discoverd areas for improvement are stressed during the live-fire exercises, teaching additional ways for the student to improve their shooting skills.
• Comparison of previous exercise results compared to the end of day shooting exercises.
Shooting with Confidence: Every Shot is the correct shot!


This class requires students to purchase or provide the following items which is equivalent to purchasing 200 rounds of ammunition. Students will continually use these training tools at home after the class has completed.
1. Sightmark Pistol Boresight: Available at many gun stores or on Amazon; est. cost is $30.00 +/-.

2. Laserlyte Training Catridge: Available at select gun stores or on Amazon; est. cost is $90.00 +/-.

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New Mexico Defensive Psitol Class



Part 2:
Entirely at the range applying skills you have developed during:

This class prepares you for life threatening encounters and

improves your changes for survival


Advanced drills focused on carrying concealed while in public, mental awareness, cover and concealment, advanced shooting positions and more.

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* Winter months are October - February and may require a separate range day depending on the weather.
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