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Concealed Carry Class!

New Mexico Concealed Carry Class


New Mexico Concealed Carry Permit Class


New Mexico residents

to meet all the requirements to apply for the

New Mexico Concealed Carry Permit License

Learn from the Best!

Our lead instructor nationally trains and certifies others to be instructors - receive first-hand, knowledgeable, professional instruction from someone who trains and certifies others to be New Mexico CCW Instructors.

~ Exceeds New Mexico Minimum Requirements
~ In classroom, personal instruction
~ Complete legal lecture included
~ Complete range instruction
~ Firearm Rentals Are Available!
~ Knowledge of Safe Gun Handling
~ Covers Single Action Revolvers
~ Covers Double-Action Revolvers
~ Covers Semi-Automatic Pistols
~ How to avoid a violent confrontation
~ Techniques for Conceal Carry
~ New Mexico CCW Process
~ Range Qualification

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New Mexico
Concealed Carry
2-Year Refresher Class

New Mexico CCW Refresher Class

Our two-hour refresher course covers New Mexico requirements for those who have have their original or renewed license for a period of two (2) year period and needs the updated class. The two hour course covers:

~ Review of federal, state, and local laws
~ Recent Changes in laws
~ Safe storage of a firearm
~ Child Safety Consideratons
~ Reviewing Safe Gun Handling
~ Procedure to submit your refresher class certification

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New Mexico
Concealed Carry
4 Year Renewal Class

New Mexico CCW Renewal Class

This class focuses on renewing your New Mexico CCW license.

4 Hour Class Instruction
~ Safe handgun handling
~ Federal, state, and local laws
~ Ownership of firearms
~ Transportation of Firearms
~ Possesion of Firearms
~ Avoiding Criminal Attacks
~ Controlling Violent Encounters
~ Non-violent dispute resolution
~ Opportunities for Additional Training

Just 74.95!
per student

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* Winter months are October - February and may require a separate range day depending on the weather.
** Classes are non-refundable. We understand life changes and will accommodate up to 2 rescheduled classes.
**** Lead instructor may not be available for your class as he teaches nationally.