Idaho Enhanced Permit Classes

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Woman ONLY Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Class

Albuqerque Women Only Concealed Carry Class
Everything you need to meet your New Mexico Concealed Handgun Permit Requirements

8+ Hours In-Person Classroom and Range Instruction taught by a Certified Female NRA Instructor.
~ One day course (weather permitting).
~ In-depth legal lecture on the judicial use of a firearm taught by a
Women Attorney (whenever possible).
~ Includes social hour, personal discussions, private moments, and more!
~ Exceeds New Mexico Classroom requirements.

~ Exceeds New Mexico legal requirements.
~ Exceeds New Mexico Live-Fire requirements.
~ Accepted by all New Mexico Sheriff departments.
~ Personalized Instruction! Students receive one-on-one instruction.
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Just 149.95!
per student
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Women Only Basic Pistol Class
Albuqerque Women Only Concealed Carry Class

Basic Pistol Class


Enjoy the company of other women while learning how to safely use a firearm. Special "women-only" classes taught by a female

Level 1 Firearms Instructor and certified National Rifle Association (NRA)

instructor who understands the special needs of women who have never shot or carried a pistol.
Leave the boy's at home for the day
and enjoy a special day for yourself, it's "his day" to watch the kids!
Just $ 99.95!
per student
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Women Only
Rifle Class
Albuqerque Women Only Rifle Class

Designed for the beginning Women Rifle
Shooter who has not received formal
training in the safe, responsible, and
proper handling of a manual or semi-
automatic rifle.
~ 6 Hours Class Instruction.
~ Live-fire range instruction.
~ Covers a specific rifle.
~ Personalized, individual, one-on-one
training by a nationally recognized
women rifle instructor!
~ Designed for first-time women rifle
owners to learn basic firearm safety and
rifle operations.
~ Learn how to "scope" your rifle for
greater accuracy.
~ Great beginner class for those new to
rifle shooting and accuracy!
~ by the end of this class, you will know
more than your significant other when it
comes to safety, accuracy, and shooting
a rifle!
Just $ 99.95!
per student


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* Winter months are October - February and may require a separate range day depending on the weather.
** Classes are non-refundable. We understand life changes and will accommodate up to 2 rescheduled classes.