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Nevada CCW, Pistol, Rifle, NRA Firearm Instructor Classes

Nevada NRA | CCW Instructor Certification Class

As a Certified NRA Instructor

you have the opportunity to train others in the safe handing of firearms. You are recognized as a certified trainer by the

National Rifle Association

and can apply to be a Nevada Concealed Carry Weapons Instructor upon completion of the required courses.
Nevada NRA Training

You probably know the NRA was established in 1871 and is the worlds largest firearm training organization  - but did you know Level 1 Firearms are certified by the NRA to conduct many of their safety courses? Regardless of your interest, chances are that Level 1 Firearms can teach a certified NRA class that interests you.
Nevada CCW Permit Class

We offer everything you need to attain your Nevada Concealed Carry Weapon Permit. Whether you are just applying for the first time, need to renew your current license, or are an out-of-state resident needing your training - Level 1 Firearms has the perfect class for you!
Nevada Women Only Conceald Carry Permit Class

Nevada Basic Pistol, Rifle,  and

Concealed Carry Weapon Permit  Classes.

Enjoy the company of other women while learning how to safely use a firearm. Special "women-only" classes taught by a female

National Rifle Association (NRA) Certified Instructor

who understands the special needs of women who have never shot or carried a pistol. Leave the boy's at home for the day and enjoy a special day for yourself, it's "his day" to watch the kids!
Nevada Basic Pistol Class

Our Nevada
Pistol Classes includes in-depth safety training covering a variety of topics from ammunition, proper stance, grip control, trigger control, aiming, and getting more accurate when you practice.

We also offer more advanced pistol classes for students who are ready to take their shooting skills to a higher level. Check out the various classes to see if one is right for you.
Nevada Defensive Pistol Class

Nevada Defensive Pistol Class
teaches advanced students techniques they cannot learn anywhere else in Nevada. This class is for serious students who have completed our Pistol II class and want to build on their defensive pistol tactics and techniques.
Nevada Rifle Classes

Learn the fundamentals of safe rifle handling, ammunition basics, proper hold control, aiming, scope adjustments and more by attending the Level 1 Basic Rifle Shooting course.
Nevada Reciprocity Map

Nevada Reciprocity Maps are now available! View Nevada Reciprocity maps to determine which states honor our Nevada Concealed Carry Permit. We believe this is the final tally as all states have responded related to reciprocity.
Nevada CCW Permit Class

Looking for more information?  Our education section is focused on providing specific information related to firearms, safety, responsibility, and general topics such as ammunition, shooting skills, improving your aim, and more.


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