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Concealed Carry Classes in Nevada
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Lockheed-Martin, 3D Security, White Sands Missile Base and the Nevada Marshal's Office have in common? They were all taught and certified by...
About Our Instuctors

1) Each year, instructors must meet 24 hours of professional, on-going
educational training.- how to teach.
2) 16 Hours per month - active range time, practicing and honing their skills with advanced challenge drills during their training.
3) 8 Hours of lecture on the legal use of deadly force in every state they instruct.
4) Assist in training students in the classroom and at the range.
5) Advance in at least one professional certification a year.
6) Participate in at least 8-hours at a local gun range as a Range Safety Officer.
7) Participate in two ride-along programs with law enforcement.
8) Pass instructor certifications on the justified use of deadly force.
9) Understand when to defer to a legal professional.
10) More...

Concealed Carry Classes in Nevada

Nevada residents can now attend the same level of training a

Nevada Concealed Carry Instructor

receives when they come to us for certification. Most Nevada Concealed Carry Instructors offer a 4-hour class - the bare minimum required. Level 1 Firearms Training is a complete day - 8 hours - of learning how to use your gun during a life-threatening encounter. We'll help you understand the in's and out's of when you can, and cannot, present your pistol.

Our classes leverage multiple training disciplines and methodologies:

1) Students learn more.
2) Train better.
3) Retain knowledge.
4) Shoot better,
5) Gain confidence.
6) Avoid costly mistakes.
7) Improve their basic shooting skills.
8) Enhance their shooting stances.
9) Train smarter.
10) Students are taught using the "Flash Point Precision Training
™" system. Ask your instructor if he trains using this system - answer can be "no", indicating he has no idea of current training methodologies or processes - just ask! If they are stumped how to teach using current methodologies and systems - you should  probably avoid their training. It's a clear indication they do not meet professional standards due to lack of training.
11) More...

Modern Training Tools and Technology

Level 1 Firearm Instructors have access to the most modern, up-to-date training tools. Students learn in a "
Hands-on" training environment -  forget the "Death by PowerPoint" philosophy taught by other instructors. During our

Concealed Carry Classes in Nevada

, we teach the basics first, assign individual goals, and set realistic expectations.  We work with each student to ensure the basics of firearm shooting are taught and understood before proceeding to more complex concepts. When students are ready to advance to higher skill levels they can attend a multitude of additional classes to increase their skills leveraging modern training tools.

Concealed Carry Requirements in Nevada

Nevada law (N.R.S. 45*12*316) requires that the following criteria be met in order for you to obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun:

1.You are a Nevada resident or be a member of the armed forces stationed in Nevada who has an immediate family member living in Nevada;
2.You are 21 years old or older;
3.You are not be ineligible to possess a firearm pursuant to state or federal law;
4.You have not been convicted of perjury related to information provided in an application for a permit to carry a concealed handgun;
5.You do not chronically and habitually use alcoholic beverages to the point your faculties are impaired;
6.You are not an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance;
7.You are not subject to a criminal or civil restraining order; and
8.You demonstrate competence with a handgun.

The sheriff to which you are applying must verify that you meet these criteria, including taking your fingerprints and conducting a background check.

Where do you go to Get a Nevada Concealed Carry Class?

Simply visit our website at

Level 1 Firearms Training

for a listing of training opportunities.

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