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We keep the Instructor & Participant ratio low so that you can have the best opportunity to rapidly build your knowledge and hone your skills.
Sling transition left to right Sparks
Basic Rifle safety, Rifle handling Sparks
That is why law enforcement and military special operations personnel all use dry fire as a critical part of their training.
Nevada concealed Carry Classes
Home Defense Keeping your family safe at home.
We can develop Emergency plans and provide training for locking down and securing your particular facility and coordinating emergency responders
Active and passive defense plans
It requires that you receive the proper instruction in shoot scenarios, ranging from home invasions, street robberies, and hostage situations.
Urban Tactical Rifle Carson City
Reno Nevada Concealed Carry Permit Class
Different holsters, techniques of drawing a handgun, shooting quickly, and shooting accurately should be demonstrated and practiced regularly.
Different types of Concealed Carry firearms
Nevada firearms classes provide an ideal learning environment
If you currently have a concealed weapons permit, or are contemplating getting a concealed weapons permit, or you keep a gun for home protection, we highly recommend that you spend time practicing life and death decision making.
Each of our instructors was selected for his or her unique combination of experience, skill and teaching philosophy.
It does not matter if your choice is a pistol or a rifle, enrolling in the Nevada firearms classes can be the best way for everyone to start their journey into safe handling and proper use of firearms.
Reno Nevada CCW Classes at Cabela's
Reno AR-15 Class - Level 1 Firearms Training
Concealed Carry Ammunition overview
How to shoot from various barricaded positions Reno
Being properly prepared means more than simply owning a weapon and getting a permit.
I feel much safer handling my firearm and feel ready to protect myself.
Interaction with assailants
We will teach you how to select the best possible conceal carry weapons and holsters that will work for you as well as a practical caliber for self defense.
Home Defense
Concealed Weapons Permit Online Sparks
Team Building Exercises
They will train you thoroughly and you will not leave with unanswered questions
Basic firearm mechanics & operation
Reno NRA Class Registration Page
Clearing threats from rooms
We will explain the color code of situational and tactical awareness which is key to keeping aware of your surroundings.
Nevada CCW Classes in Reno, Sparks, Carson City
In this 8-hour course you will receive 4-hours of classroom instruction on the rules and regulations of carrying a concealed weapon in Nevada, and those states that accept Nevada permit; plus you will receive 4-hours of shooting instruction where you will shoot the required minimum of 100 rounds.
When it comes to CCW Training, you get what you pay for.
Nevada concealed carry classes Reno, Sparks, Carson City will also help to improve your skills.
We hone your skills with one of our many firearms training classes.
When you complete this course you will gain new knowledge and practical experience that will make you and your family safer at home.
Womens Pistol Class Reno
Engaging targets while on the move Sparks
Keeping a gun for safety in the home, or carrying a concealed weapon can be a huge liability unless you are trained in the decision making processes that help ensure that you will use your weapon properly under high stress situations.
Overall safety and complete competency when using a handgun is critical for the Nevada CCW.
Dealing with the psychological effects Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following a shooting
Reno NRA and CCW Classroom Instruction
We offer a wide range of gun training classes for all levels.
Mitigating the potential vulnerabilities of your home
Securing a location or fighting off an attack. Carson City
Strong and support side shooting,Engaging targets while on the move, Proper use of slings Carson City