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Women Only!

Nevada CCW Class

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Pistol Rentals Available!
Reno - Verdi Nevada
Everything you need to meet and exceed the Reno Nevada Concealed Carry Weapons Permit requirements!
INCLUDES LUNCH and Personal Interaction with other Reno Women regarding the use of a firearm!
Ladies: This is an advanced class focused on the judicial use of a firearm, the law, and self defense.
DON'T BE A VICTIM! We Want you to protect youreself!
Learn how to defend yourself!
Focus on Pistol Safety & Handling.
Advanced Range Drills.
Exceeds Nevada state and local requirements for the Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit - accepted in ALL counties!
Designed for ladies to learn in a comfortable, safe, peer-to-peer environment.
$ 94.95
per student
Students provide 100+ rounds of ammunition, eye/ear protection, and their personal concealed carry weapon. Minimum .9mm caliber pistol or .38 revolver and their concealed carry method (if already determined).
Special Ladies Only Class -
Reno Nevada Concealed Handgun Weapons Class (Nevada CCW Taught at Cabela's in Reno - Verdi)

It’s Ladies Day!  Leave the guy’s and kids at home! This is a LADIES ONLY class focused on achieving the proper training, skills, attitude, and mindset for the Reno Nevada Concealed Carry Weapons Permit License (Nevada CCW License). We suggest you attend the Ladies ONLY Basic Pistol Class prior to attending this course if you have never shot or are unfamiliar with a firearm. This course is extremely focused on the law and the justified use of a firearm - this is not a basic pistol course.
Women Only Classes Reno Firearm Classes
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Level 1 Firearms Training
Nevada NRA Instructors
This course you will teach you how to protect yourself, your family, and your co-workers in an urban environment when a person with a gun opens fire.
Safety plans
Multi-Stage Self-Defense Protecting yourself in parking lots, cars and scary places.
Overall safety and complete competency when using a handgun is critical for the Nevada CCW.
Whether you are an individual that wants individualized training, or a business with particular or unique security concerns, Level 1 Firearms LLC can custom design courses that will enhance your ability to protect yourself, your property, your family, or your employees.
The instructors seemly have infinite knowledge and can answer any question you throw their way.
This course will make extensive use of tactical advantage and will take place in your home.
Nevada Conceal Weapon Permit Training Firearms Training
We believe that civilians need access to these critical skills since most active shooter events are over before law enforcement arrives.
Our CCW class is our most popular and best selling training course.
Our Multi-Stage Self-Defense training will give you the knowledge, training, and experience you need to protect yourself and the people you love in a variety of common settings where you may encounter potential threats.
Physical demonstration by the applicant demonstrating ability to safely load, fire and unload a revolver and a semiautomatic pistol.
Women Only Pistol Classes - Reno Cabela'sLink
Live fire training is an important component to using your gun safely when you need it the most.
Moving to cover
Nevada concealed carry classes Henderson is a perfect choice for any individual looking to get an Nevada concealed carry permit, and the first thing to do is locate the best source
Our Concealed Carry Instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association NRA to teach select NRA classes.
Different types of Concealed Carry firearms
Cover versus concealment
Woman firearms instructor teaching the Certification Course for Multi-State CCW/CFP Permits
Concealed Carry Ammunition overview
Basics of Rifle Use Clark County Women Shooting Class
This involves the transfer of firearms, who can possess firearms, and what firearms are prohibited or restricted.
Team Building Exercises
Shooting practice alone will not solve this problem.
Securing a location or fighting off an attack. Carson City
The instructors made all of us feel relaxed.
The use of a firearm for self defense and the responsible practice of our Second Amendment Right.
Security Tactics
Learn effective separation techniques, effective strikes, escape from attacks from behind, self confidence and empowerment.
Strong and support side shooting Carson City
If you currently have a concealed weapons permit, or are contemplating getting a concealed weapons permit, or you keep a gun for home protection, we highly recommend that you spend time practicing life and death decision making.
We help you take your first shots during one of our gun safety classes.
Level 2 Defensive Handgun for Concealed Carry Reno Women Shotgun Class
Tactical principles, guidelines, and techniques
Concealed weapons classes are offered at most of the larger gun shops and through law enforcement agencies.
Concealed Weapons Course
CCW General firearm safety
Verbal de-escalation
Nevada concealed carry classes Carson City will also help to improve your skills.
You will learn basic tactics and best practices for keeping you and your family safe in the event of a home intrusion.
CCW Class Henderson for residents who desire professional instruction with a firearms training program that goes beyond many of the minimum requirements.
Improved stance Carson City Women AR-15 Rifle
Then it will be updates to the Nevada CCW permit. Carson City Women Pistol Class
Active Shooter Class
The best way to prove your capability is to enroll in a Nevada firearms training course Henderson
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After completing the classroom instruction you will practice what you learn through role-playing real-life scenarios to hone your skills.