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Women Only Classes

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Women Only!

  Pistol 1: Basic Pistol Training

This is a


Instruction Class!
INCLUDES LUNCH and Personal Interaction with other Reno Women regarding the use of a firearm!
Ladies: This is about learning how to use your gun; you WILL know how to use it efficiently, effectively, and will know more than HIM on how to use your firearm in a safe and effective manner! Is he scared? You bet he is!
You will also know how to use your husband, boyfriend, or other significant other's gun; it's NOT a mystery. This class will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about operating a PISTOL and/or a SEMI-AUTOMATIC with confidence.
6 Hours Instruction with a female Certified NRA Pistol Instructor
Focus on Pistol Safety & Handling
Basic Range Drills
Exceeds All Reno Nevada state and local requirements  - accepted in ALL counties!
Designed for ladies to learn in a comfortable, safe, small group environment.
$ 94.95
per student
Special Ladies Only Class - Reno, Nevada
Women Only Reno, Nevada Pistol I: Basic Pistol Training


t’s Ladies Day for Reno Nevada!

  Leave the guy’s and kids at home! This is an introductory firearms safety and training course in a casual small group environment; not a marksmanship class or tactical course. Taught by a Female Certified Firearms Instructor.  In-depth safety principles are stressed including rules for safe gun handling, pistol parts, operations, ammunition, range rules, shooting from various positions. Great for first time gun owners.  This class is more fun when taken with friends!

Students provide 50+ rounds of ammunition and eye/ear protection. Minimum .22mm caliber pistol; firearm rentals are available upon request. 


Marksmanship Class!
Reno Nevada Women Only Pistol Class
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Level 1 Firearms Training
Clearing threats from rooms
Tactical principles, guidelines, and techniques
Applicants must shoot one hundred rounds, of any caliber, from any handgun
Different types of Concealed Carry firearms
House searching tactics such as room clearing, and managing danger areas like stairwells, doorways, and hallways
Our training is all geared towards Defensive Shooting including training courses
Suppressive fire
Bank Employee Hold-up, Robbery, Hostage Training
Active shooter courses like this are usually only taught to law enforcement.
Womens Pistol Class Reno Women Pistol Class
Recent statistics show a sharp increase in the number of handgun licenses being issued to women No matter what the reasons may be and whether it is a good or bad indication of things to come, women are moving forward across the country and seeking handgun licenses
Nevada requirements for getting a license to carry. This includes legal requirements.
They will train you thoroughly and you will not leave with unanswered questions
Basics of Rifle Use Clark County Women Shooting Class
Addressing a threat
Strong and support side shooting,Engaging targets while on the move, Proper use of slings Carson City Women Tactical Rifle
Firing stances and positions
Level 1 Defensive Handgun for Concealed Carry Carson City Women Rifle Class
Moving to cover
Decision making scenarios Shoot Dont Shoot
Nevada Sheriffs must issue permits to individuals who meet the statutory requirements.
Basic Rifle safety, Rifle handling Sparks Women Shooting Class
Difference between precision and reflexive fire (POINT SHOOTING) Carson City Women AR-15 Rifle
Enrolling for Nevada concealed carry classes Reno will help to improve your skills.
Women's Shooting Classes Henderson
Improved stance Carson City Women AR-15 Rifle
Interaction with responding emergency personnel and investigating officers
Gun Safety Education Henderson
With so many shootings happening in public places, civilians like you want and need to be taught how to respond if you find yourself in middle of such an event.
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Concealed Carry Firearm storage & accessories overview holsters, safes.